Your watch is certified water resistant and its water-resistance is ensured by a series of seals. But it may be affected by:

  1. the ageing of gaskets
  2. an accidental shock to one of the components.

Before any contact with water, however, please ensure that:

  1. The crown of your watch is not pulled out.
  2. When your watch is under water, do not activate the push-pieces for the chronograph function.
  3. After swimming, make sure to rinse your water-resistant watch in fresh water so as to neutralize the harmful effects of sea-water or chlorine.

You are recommended to have a regular water-resistance check performed once every year if your watch is worn during sporting activities or frequently comes into contact with water, or once every two years when worn in normal conditions. Carried out by i-watch’s After-Sales Services, this check makes it possible to determine the condition of your watch’s water-resistance, and to change all the seals, if necessary..


Use these guidelines to choose the right water-resistant watch: