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I-Watch Service Center

I-Watch service center is the best after sale service for your I-watch

products, whether you want your product fixed or maintaned you will

find the solution that fulfills your need

Services provided by our service center

Battery Change

Anybody can change a watch battery? Don’t believe it. Proper cell replacement involves more than simply popping out a cell and putting one in the movement. We receive watches everyday that been damaged by unskilled cell replacement operations. Send your watch to the experts.


I-Watch's staff has experienced watchmakers skilled in a wide range of mechanical movement servicing, including everything from fashion watches up to the latest mechanical, high-line precision marvels and vintage timepieces.

Band Replacement

Another service too often performed by unskilled retailer operations. This process is often performed poorly, resulting in broken case lugs, scratched casebacks and cases, broken links, missing pins, and the list goes on. Trust your treasure to the experts.


Whether you want your watch cleaned and polished or transformed to “as new” condition, our team can provide the help you need. Our facility has equipment for buffing and polishing equipment used by our highly skilled refurbishing team to put your watch back into shape.

Jewlery Repair

Jewelry Repair and Watch repair are not the same. We know the difference. And, we do both. Jewlery Repair in I-Watch includes Polishing, Re-attaching broken Parts

Water Resistance Testing

I-Watch has high experience in Water Resistance Testing and repair of water resistance issues. You are recommended to have a regular water-resistance check performed once every year

Periodic Watch Checkup and Maintanance

like any sensitive precision instrument, a watch needs periodic servicing to ensure that it functions perfectly. Frequency of such work depends on the climate and the owner’s individual care of the watch, but in general, we recommend having your watch serviced about every one or two years at our Service Center.

Worn out movement parts and aged oil inside the movement may cause a watch to lose time or stop. Therefore, our technical specialists will inspect the watch for any worn out parts that need repair or replacement, and the disassembled parts will be cleaned and oiled again. Furthermore, a watch’s water resistance is not permanently guaranteed. It is affected by the ageing of gaskets or deformation of watch parts due to an accidental shock. Since deterioration of gaskets can cause rust or moisture inside the movement, we recommend that you have the water resistance of the watch checked regularly to ensure it’s functionality.

Extend your watch's Lifetime

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